Septem Monday’s Pilsner, 5.0% (330ml)

  • Ale



Malt: Pilsner Malt, Munich Malt, Crystal Malt
Hop: Whole hops of German Northern Brewer & Perle and the New Zealand Motueca 
Yeast: Bottom-fermented yeast, fermentation 10-13oC, maturation of 6 weeks at low temperatures
Alcohol: 5.0% vol 
Bitterness degree: 27 IBU
Serving temperature: 6oC

Fresh, unpasteurized, filtered beer, with golden-blonde colour and creamy white head.

Aromas of lemon blossoms, citrus and “green hops”.

Slightly sweet flavour with refreshing bitterness and aromatic aftertaste, where the zesty and malty aromas dominate.